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DirecTV Now mess
I've been with DTVN since they first came out with the Go Big promo for $35 and free Apple TV deal.  Since then I have cut Charter TV completely, and am currently all in with DTVN.  However I am getting frustrated with some issues.  So here's some background info on my setup room by room:

1) Office - Apple TV 32 GB (the freebie from DTVNow), running the latest releases tvOS (10.x.x).  
2) Man Cave - Apple TV 64 GB running the same tvOS, nVidia Shield TV running a version of DTVN for Android TV that works.
3) Exercise room - Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen, stock, not rooted.
4) iPad and iPhone running latest iOS 10.3.x

On to the problems:

1) in every room, on every device I am seeing my local ABC and FOX channel in the guide, and can tune and watch them, EXCEPT for the Man Cave AppleTV.  I've factory reset the device, verified over and over that location services are on and not blocked, and yet the ABC channel never shows in the guide, and the FOX channel is hit or miss.  Both AppleTV's and ShieldTV are connected via ethernet and going through the same router/modem.  I've compared settings between the 2 AppleTV's and everything is setup the same, same Apple ID, location services, etc.  The only difference is the room they are in and amount of storage they have, and their IP address.  Any ideas what can be the cause of the one AppleTV to not show the ABC channel in the guide?

2) On both AppleTV's I experience this same problem, when I wake up the AppleTV and turn on the TV to watch DTVN, I select the DTVN app, and start viewing channels.  After about 2 minutes, whatever channel I am tuned into stops streaming.  The app is still fully functional, I can swipe left/right to change channels and then everything proceeds as normal until I am done watching TV.  It is almost as if the DTVN app has decided I have been inactive for X hours and shuts down the stream.  I've tried changing the sleep timer on each AppleTV to see if that changes this issue, even disabled it, and nothing helps.  About 2 weeks ago I deleted the DTVN app on one of the AppleTV's and reinstalled it, and upon launching the app the first time, I didnt get this black screen issue.  But it returned the very next day.  I've got no idea what the cause of this is.  I've seen it happen with no channel changes at start up, or with 5-10 channel changes at start up.  It always seems to be about 2 minutes into using the app that it happens.  Any ideas?  This blackout issue does NOT happen on the FireTV Stick, nVidia Shield TV or iphones/ipad.

At this point I have come to the conclusion that DTVN is just not going to cut it, too many issues with their app, and no DVR still.  I know its in beta testing, but a cloud DVR shouldnt be this difficult or time consuming to setup from a programming standpoint for their apps or backend servers.  I am currently in a 1 month free trial of Hulu (interface sucks!) and a 5 day PS Vue trial.  PS Vue just seems to work.  Not thrilled with the price increase I will take, but at this point having a service that works on all my devices is more important than saving a few dollars.  Its truly sad that my nVidia Shield TV, a device with absolutely no official DTVN support, works better than my AppleTV's.  Would really appreciate any suggestions!

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