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A way to play podcasts without a computer/phone? (via cloud or stand alone speaker?)
Part of the reason I "cut the cord" is that I have a bit of an internet/tech addiction. I use Cold Turkey on my computer to block access late at night, etc., but have yet to find an adequate blocker for my Android that also allows me to listen to podcasts--which is my default form of entertainment. If you have a modicum of Android know-how, they're very easy to get around if you're as weak-willed as I.  Sad

Wondering if there is any technology that allows one to stream directly from a device that doesn't also allow access to internet/app browsing: a speaker/sound system, or else an app for Roku/Alexa/Chromecast maybe? I've heard of Sonos, but don't know much about it; I've yet to find mention of any such app anywhere on Reddit etc. where I have searched. 

Ideally, it would be 1) affordable (less than $200?) and 2) allow for on-the-fly streaming/downloading (not just manual pre-download to DLNA). 

Oh, and I currently have a Roku 3, rooted Nexus 6 (7.1.2), Windows 10 laptop, subscription to Amazon Prime, Google Drive and OneDrive (basic on both), and Asus router (RT-AC56U). My best friend lives upstairs; he has a full Comcast subscription and while my reception isn't great even with Merlin/Gomes-enhanced firmware and a range extender, we share the cost of internet.

If anyone knows of such a service/system, please let me know. Thanks!

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