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DirecTV Now failing to provide RSN's as promised
When I first joined DTV NOW, we had CSN Bay Area, then it disappeared.  At the time I thought that DTV NOW didn't have a contract and were trying to use the DirecTV contract and got caught.  For over 2 months I have been asking where is CSN Bay Area and the most popular answer was "there's a system bug and we're working on it."  Baloney.  Finally yesterday, I got someone at DTV NOW to admit " AT&T is negotiating with Channel providers. Please be rest assured it will be available very soon. I agree with you it's taking longer than expected. Every one here is working for the issues to be fixed and ensure that our customers are happy with the services. Since there are too many requests about this channel hopefully we will get that at the earliest.  Angelo, I appreciate you allowing us time and an opportunity to get CSN channel on our services. I do hope we are able to negotiate with channel provider and add the service."

It was so refreshing to have someone tell the truth I almost cheered!  So the answer many of us thought was true apparently was.  I told this person that I was out of patience and if they didn't have this corrected by April 6 (my monthly renewal date) I would be gone and signed with SlingTV.  So I hope 2 weeks is long enough for them to get this done.  Anyway that seems to be the latest.

Angelo Undecided
Well Hallelujah, as of yesterday the glitch, snafu, negotiations or whatever were taken care of and (drum roll please) CSN Bay Area and CSN California are now on DIrecTV NOW. Whoever got this working again, thank you and congratulations. You have made a lot of people happy.


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