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What motivated you to Cut the Cord?
(09-14-2017, 11:33 AM)TopJimmy5150 Wrote: Welp, my DirecTV bill was approaching $165 again (after dropping a bunch of stuff 2 years ago and getting it down to an acceptable level). Then I tried to watch several on-demand shows and wound up watching 10 minutes of ads over and over for the Addiction Network, ambulance chasers, etc...and when the show finally started it would fail. I called DirecTV and got no satisfaction.  Finally said, "What am I paying for?"

Went with Playstation Vue, Hulu, kept Netflix, and Pluto.  The only thing I am missing is PBS and the live History Channel (Hulu has History Channel shows covered).

Still saving around $100/mo.


You can get History Channel with your PSVue account.  Just install their app on your device and sign-in with your PSVue account.  I have a Amazon Fire Stick and watch History Channel all the time....same with the Cooking Channel as they have an app also.
Why did I cut the cord? To get away from contracts and high costs. Specifically, DirecTV that I regretted from 3 weeks into my contract when they would not simply swap out a box for a DVR. I knew they'd charge a monthly fee, but they wouldn't do a swap without an additional up-front $200 fee... for a BRAND-NEW CUSTOMER. Needless to say, I learned to live without the DVR, dropped extra boxes and services and got down to as minimum payment as I could for the next 2 years. I literally counted down the months until I could afford to pay the early-termination fee for less than one month's service and never look back.

I figured I was already paying for internet for my computer, streaming Netflix, etc, and would continue to do so whether or not I had pay-tv. So my internet costs were not part of the equation. Neither was Netflix since I have had that regardless of whether I had cable/satellite or not. I don't even consider Amazon as a streaming service I pay for, because it comes free with my Prime that I pay to get free 2-day shipping. About that time, Sling TV came out and provided me with the service I needed to finally cut the cord.

When I dropped DirecTV, I added Sling and Hulu. Then, I had to pay a whopping $6 a month for ONLY CBS (CBS All Access) in order to watch their programming. C'mon, when you compare pricing of Hulu for NBC, ABC, Fox, CW, etc programming with CBS, it IS a huge amount for one station. But, still, even hopping in and out of apps all the time, I was happy with that until recently.

It all came crashing down when Hulu changed its interface. Horrible, horrible, nasty thing. Huge billboard size lettering, hard to find anything, migraine-triggering colors.... my blood pressure went up just looking at it. I stewed about it for 2 days, but then, knowing that they had spent a lot of money for this, they were unlikely to go back unless subscribers showed them their displeasure where it counted -- the bottom line. I went online, cancelled my subscription. Permanently. No "on hold" to see if it improves. No "free month" while they work out kinks. Quit.

Then it was back to the OTA stations for the shows I used Hulu for. Great TV this fall, but they all stack up against each other, so I looked for a new solution in a DVR. I found perfection in the TiVo Roamio OTA 1TB. It's costly but that's because it INCLUDES a lifetime subscription to the TiVo services that normally cost $15/month. I get a guide for all my OTA channels just like you'd see on cable or satellite, with the same ability to click on a future show and choose to record it one-time, all new shows, all shows, etc. But I OWN this, and I can actually see more shows than my previous combo of Hulu and CBS afforded. I can record all my PBS shows, as well.

By the way. The Tivo also streams a number of apps, like Netflix and Amazon, (but not Sling, darn it) and integrates them into searches for shows. I still prefer my Roku for those, but it's nice to know that option is there if something happens.

So my setup is now a Roku with Sling TV and I also watch Netflix and Amazon, and a TiVo with all the OTA networks. I time shift just about everything to fit my schedule.
$182 a month for the most piss-poor quality television you could find. (including internet access at about 100Mbps.) I was watching a movie on cable that I could also stream on my Apple TV. OMG! the difference was just a cold smack in the face. The Apple TV was just far superior. And broadcast TV looks even better.

For the little bit of TV that I watch I can get better quality at a far cheaper price.

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