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What motivated you to Cut the Cord?
I haven't cut, yet. I currently pay $165/mo for a 4-room Dish Network system with 200+ channels. My wife and I watch less than 50 of them, but our interests are broad enough to cause us to need this large subscription. We watch about as much programming from OTA channels as we do on "cable" channels. We rely heavily on Dish's DVR and watch these recorded programs in all 4 TV locations in the house. I know there are ways to get the OTA programs and most of the "cable" channels from an OTA antenna and various subscription services, but I haven't found a way to get Big Ten Network and Comcast Sports Chicago streamed without having a TV programming package from some other provider (cable, Dish, DirecTV). Maybe one of you can get me over this hurdle. Even then, I'm not sure I can get my beloved Chicago Cubs games because I'm in their blackout area even though I live 5 hours from Chicago. My last concern is "user interface". I'm not in love with Dish's UI, but all my content is in one place. I'm not hopping between multiple UIs like I expect I'll need with alternative solutions using cord cutting products. Maybe I just need to be patient for new products/solutions to enter the market and mature.
I'm also tired of paying outrageous prices for cable/satellite.  I been with cable for numerous of years, my cable bill was a little over $150 a month and I had a like over 120+ channels, but after a while I realize I was wasting money and tons of channels I was not watching.  I tried going down to the least amount of channels and then my cable bill was a little bit more reasonable averaging about $75 bucks a month.  What made the bill so high are these stupid fees like renting there box, service fee and whatever fees they had.  After a while seems like every few months my bill seems to be getting higher and higher.  

So I finally ditched cable and jump over to DirecTV and my bill wasn't bad for a while.  I had a lot of channels and was getting the NFL package for free for a year.  Well after a year went by and my satellite bill was averaging like my cable bill, with the same fees cable was offering.  

I been researching about cord cutting for several months now and I only watch less than 20 channels.  So I recently became a cord cutter for little over a month now.  I'm currently with DirecTV Now since I'm also a AT&T customer.  But I want a DVR service and I see Hulu TV, Sling and Vue all offers that and the same basic channels I watch.

ABC, AMC, CBS, CW , Discovery, Food Network, Fox, FX, FXX, NBC, Spike, SyFy , TBS , TNT, Travel Channel, Tru TV, USA

I have a friend who lets me access to the Discovery and Travel Channel app and the CW app shows are free.

I just wish DirecTV would finally get a DVR service and Now, Sling can get access to CBS live and ABC, NBC networks would finally become live.  Plus I hardly watch sports, which make it a bit easier for me and I also subscribe to Netflix.
I don't watch enough cable to justify the expense and neither does my wife.  We monitor what we allow our children to watch.

That being said, we needed a budget friendly way to watch tv, with the modern conveniences (DVR friendly, on demand, etc).  I tried Sling TV when they launched on the 7 day promo to check it out, and loved it, but quickly figured I needed to up my internet speed.  I was going to have to do that for work purposes anyway, so that wasn't a big deal.

Got Sling TV after we upgraded the internet (my cell phone provider had a promo discount for a year at the time that made it even better) and have been rolling along ever since. Now I look to stream pretty much any and everything I can, legally.

Now if only Sling TV had an add on for Kodi, that would be nice (or if the AirTV had expandable storage...)
For me ... I want to cut the cord because I'm tired of overpaying for way more content than I actually watch or need. That on top of the fact that my current employer, who was supposed to be giving me a discount on services ... is overcharging me like crazy and I can't see to get it fixed ... months of overpaying has made me very unhappy are ready to jump ship NOW.
The OTA signals in Atlanta were superior to the supposedly HD channels through a cable box. When Netflix emerged with seasons of TV commercial free, plus movies, that was enough. Now that live TV has arrived online via DirectTV, Sling and such have grudgingly become a channel surfing, news junkie, couch potato again.
We cut the cord in march 2011 and haven't looked back. Our cable bill was about $150/mo then and wife & I figured we actually watched about a dozen of the 200+ channels available and half of those had content we could replicate with OTA, the rest with net content. Put 2 antennas up in the attic, get about 37 channels.

Now in Dec 2016 I decided to get DirecTVNow as I could get the 100 channel Go Big package for $35/mo and it would stay at that price even after the promo period ended. Got it mainly for the sports networks it has (Golf Channel, MLB, NHL, NBA, Fox Sports, NBC Sports). Also have Amazon prime, have fast internet (250Mbps), PCs connected to living room & bedroom TVs and network storage with all our music, tv shows and movies on it available to every computer & tablet in the house.

Hi, I'm new here. I cut the cord because I didn't want to pay so much for access to 260 channels, maybe 15 of which interested me. Also, I didn't like that there's pretty much no real competition.
I was paying $120 a month for just cable TV and was only watching sports and I have kids watching kids stuff
I recently cut the cord, which was awesome!

For my family, we primarily watch sports and family shows, with the young kids being the primary viewers. As such, I was tired of paying a ridiculous amount every month to the cable company, only to watch a few channels.

Also, the cable was routinely down one or twice a week for extended periods, regardless of weather.

I now save over $100 per month.
Welp, my DirecTV bill was approaching $165 again (after dropping a bunch of stuff 2 years ago and getting it down to an acceptable level). Then I tried to watch several on-demand shows and wound up watching 10 minutes of ads over and over for the Addiction Network, ambulance chasers, etc...and when the show finally started it would fail. I called DirecTV and got no satisfaction.  Finally said, "What am I paying for?"

Went with Playstation Vue, Hulu, kept Netflix, and Pluto.  The only thing I am missing is PBS and the live History Channel (Hulu has History Channel shows covered).

Still saving around $100/mo.


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