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Big issues with Sling
Started getting "You are not subscribed to any channel" messages on Monday night.  Popped in and out and then yesterday, the same thing. I didn't bother calling support as I searched and saw that was/is a nationwide issue.  Sling is saying it is a Roku issue, yet I have zero issues with other channels.

Anyone else having problems with Sling and Roku?
My Setup: Roku-TV, Roku stick (2), Roku SE, Mohu Leaf, Tablo 2-Tuner
Yeah Sling has said they are working on fixing it but I know nothing more at this time.
I have sling and like it but all I use it for is sports and that is through the WatchESPN app.
I have gotten bad reception on Sling's ESPN channels for live basketball. Tried to get tech support twice and they never followed up with me. Has anyone else been getting bad ESPN reception? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks.

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