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AFTV (2015) Sound Volume Issue
So, for an update.

Amazon sent me a replacement AFTV2.  The replacement unit was labeled as a 'refurb' unit, and though it looked brand new, that bugged me given I hadn't had mine for a week at the time.  The replacement ended up having the same volume issue, so I returned the 'refurb' replacement to them and kept my original.

The interesting thing is that last night I had an issue where my AFTV2 was playing a video and then abruptly ended.  I restarted playing the video and the sound blasted my ears it was so loud.  It was like Amazon fixed the volume issue somehow.  Today I tested it again, and it's about 10 decibels louder now than it was.

The OS version is the same, so I don't know what they did to fix it.

(Update: I had to reboot my AFTV2, and the issue came back.)
That's strange. I'm still having the issue. Wonder if they are slowly rolling out a silent fix.
I guess this issue should be over at this point.

I got the latest AFTV2 update (5.0.3) and the issue seems to be resolved.
It's been better for me but not as loud as either of my Rokus.

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