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Need wifi help
I've recently cut the cord and things have been going pretty good.  Bought a Netgear X10 router which has been great. I have ethernet cord going from my router to the Apple TV in living room where we do most of our streaming. My other TVs in the house (two older Apple TVs and a built-in Roku TV stream just fine.

However, I have my home office (I work from home) in the basement and I am not getting good speed on my wifi.  My question is if there's a recommended wi-fi extender (if that would even help) or any other option.  My basement is finished with drywall walls and ceilings.

Any recommendations or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
instead of a Wifi Extender look at Powerline Adapters, you plug one into the wall where your router is and connect it to your router then you plug the other one into the wall near the computer and run a cat5 cable to the computer and they actually use the power wires in your walls to transmit the data, a Wifi extender may work but the powerline has a better chance and a more solid speed.

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