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I want to cut the cord, but afraid I can't install the OTA Antenna wiring
I've been looking into cutting the cord, but my biggest issue is feeling like I won't be able to figure out how to setup the OTA antenna. I have 5 tv's I'd need to setup tv to. Live local news & sports is where i'm hitting a snag. Sling seems like the one I'll test first as it has most of the channels we would want, but no CBS.  NFL is on CBS.  

I've attached my TVFOOLS report and it looks like I need to mount an antenna in my attic. Not even sure what antenna would be best.  The problem I feel i'll have is getting cable to all the other tv's.  Am I able to use the cables that are already run through the house and being used by cable? Or a way I could use ethernet or wifi instead.  Ethernet cables are actually in some of the main rooms hardwired to the router.

I appreciate any help or guidance. 

 [Image: 14lknlj.jpg]
[Image: 2ikeck4.jpg]
A few things to find out.
Do all your TV sets have an over the air tuner? Not as common today as it once was. If they do then yes you could tie your antenna into the old cable TV line. But you will need a few other things. Sling will require you to have Roku boxes on each of the TV sets or some other means to stream on each set.
The other major issue is how good is your wifi strength through out your house? Use ethernet cable when possible but those TVS in wireless only zones will need a strong WI FI signal.

It takes a lot of time and effort to cut the cord and feed 5 televisions.

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