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Easy way to change channels
Hi all,
So I am looking to cut the cord completely from Comcast. I have some trials going on with Hulu and DirecTV Now. They are pretty close to having the channels I need with the DirectTV Now having the best section for local and sports. I have a Chromecast, Amazon Stick, and a Roku Stick+. Being able to turn on/off the TV and control the volume, and change channel quickly and easily with one remote is big for me. I can do the on/off, and volume control with the Roku Stick+ remote, but changing channels or "surfing" easily in either Hulu or DirectTV Now is difficult at best.. The one thing I see all services lacking is a decent way to move through channels. With cable, you can go up or down a channel with the channel up or down buttons on the remote. Makes it easy to surf. With any of the services it seems like I need to go back to the guide, scroll through it and then select a channel.
Is there a better way to do this or is this just the current limitation of the Live TV streaming services right now? Could a universal remote handle this, or am I missing something?
I have a Harmony One universal remote with DTVN. It works ok. Getting used to the different UIs on each streamer can be jarring when first coming from DTV or Comcast, but you'll get there. Good luck.
DirecTV Now does "channel surfing" via the LEFT/RIGHT buttons on the trackpad of whatever device you are using when you are watching LIVE TV, when watching VOD they function as skip forward/skip back (from what I remember). Hulu from my brief experience with it is not super conducive to channel changing, you always have to back out to a menu, Sling has a neat feature (I think it's on all versions by now, it's been several months since I had access to it) where you can "swipe up" (or some single button press like that) that would bring up a 1 row tall "mini guide" showing just what is on RIGHT NOW, so you can continue to watch what you are watching fullscreen while seeing what else is out there.

honestly though the classic "surfing channels" is nearly dead, with many services having DVR's the random browsing to see whats on is kinda gone, it's a product of a bygone era, nowadays you simply DVR everything you want to watch then work your way through the DVR list.

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