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Streaming MLB and NHL through Express VPN
I've had nothing but problems trying to stream in market games through my MLB subscription and now NHL subscription via ExpressVPN. I've tried doing this through my IPhone and abandoned that altogether as I still can't get past local black out. I then attempted doing on my PC via windows 10. Constant trouble getting VPN to load. Had to work through firewall/anti virus issues and eventually disable anti virus altogether. It worked for awhile and then got to where I had to uninstall/reinstall VPN every time I wanted to use it. I then moved on to an older model MacBook. Had to buy an adapter for the HDMI cable, disable firewall etc. Had limited success and then audio was no longer coming through the HDMI on both Mac and PC. Verified the correct speakers were enabled, cleared cookies, unplugged HDMI and if had to also unplugged HDMI from the Roku enabled TV, reboot and had varying degree of success.

Now my problem is back to getting local market black out of NHL.TV via ExpressVPN. After we missed the entire first period we abandoned and went to the apartment clubhouse to watch the game. Hubby now wants me to get cable again.  I'm not all that technical savvy, but enough to be dangerous. 

Please help...what am I missing?

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