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Roku and Tivo
First of all, I tried to decide the best location to post this question, but I finally decided that here within streaming apps might be the best place. If I posted in the incorrect area, I apologize.

I know that Tablo has a Roku app, but I didn't realize that until after I had purchased my Tivo Roamio OTA. I felt the Tivo fit my OTA needs well at the time, but I recently went on a two week trip and carried a spare Roku 3 along with me so that I could watch Hulu and Sling. However, it was then that I really wished that Tivo had a Roku app that would allow me to watch my home DVR recordings while away. For example, I enjoy my local news, as well as a few other local network shows.

From what I can roughly understand, a person can possibly watch their Tivo DVR content from their laptop, but that really isn't my thing. Besides, if my wife wants to watch also, that pretty much means we both are huddle close around my laptop. We are older (60's) and tend to be more "old school" and enjoy watching shows on a regular TV screen.

Since so many people here tend to be in the know about a lot of upcoming release news and such, is there any news about Tivo ever releasing a Roku or Fire app that would allowing a user to watch their recorded DVR content away from home? Since so many companies and devices (like Tablo) have a streaming app, I was hoping that Tivo might have something planned for later this year, or possibly in 2018.
I'm not sure if your Tivo will do what you want. The Tablo DVR has a Roku channel that will do what you want though.

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