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Cord Cutters and Home Automation
I work in the tech sector. I know 5 or 6 cord cutters that work with me. In talking with them I have found out that we are all in to home automation. It seems that all of us have either an Amazon Echo or Google Home that are tied to lights/thermometer or IP cameras and all of us have experimented with Home Assistant (one guy uses it a lot.) I'm wondering if this is a common hobby among cord cutters or if it is just common in the world of technology workers.

I have a home security system using several IP camers (indoor and outdoor) and Blue Iris software. I'm also fully immersed in the Amazon world using the Echo to control lights and Fire TVs. My next project is thremostats with Echo/Home Assistant. Anyone else doing home automation? What are you doing and what are you using?

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I have been using more Alexa devices recently to control a few things around the house. of course things like security cams. etc

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