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Looking to CUT THE CHORD!
(08-21-2017, 02:56 PM)NHpro Wrote:
(08-14-2017, 08:51 PM)Congaman59 Wrote: We are looking to dump the nearly $300 comcast bill. We have 2 cell phones an upstairs extra wireless router connected to the base router by a.c. power smart plugs that our ring doorbell works from. We also have a pc in the basement running on an ethernet cable to the main router. Oh and my and my wife's laptops on the wireless downstairs. I am using comcast 105 Gb internet. 
I am looking to do away with the phone & t.v. part of the package. I have an ooma box for the phone anyway. So I need to decide on is the T.V. part. Here are the channels we would really like to have. Starz, TV Land (my 90-year-old father-in-law loves westerns). I watch the Science channel, Spike, A&E, Fox News, and the big 4 networks( which I could get an antenna for if I had to). We watch NFL, And the SEC, so I need ESPN, The Redzone, and the SEC network. I am looking at Direct TV. Are there any other services that could give me all those channels and a good DVR? Sling has no Science channel or TV Land. Uverse has the channels but a sorry DVR. Dish is great but you have to have a contract. Any other choices?

Going on year 2 cord free and loving it!
You will never regret freeing yourself from the Comcast leash......
Buy yourself a Tigerstream TV Box. You can watch any sporting event you want. This weekend, I saw UFC 219 and didnt have to pay any extra fees, NCAA College Bowls, I could see them all.NBA, NFL, NHL, I Can see any game from around the country. Its paradise for a sports watcher like myself...

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