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Internet without cable
(01-08-2018, 05:31 PM)NHpro Wrote:
(10-17-2015, 06:32 PM)Brindlecat Wrote: About 6 years ago I started using ClearWire, now known as Clear. It was purchased by Sprint and Sprint is now ending it.  In a few weeks I will be without an internet connection.  Three years ago I cancelled Comcast TV service and bought an indoor digital antenna, and have been mostly  satisfied with over-the-air broadcast plus Netflix and Amazon.  Without an internet connection, I won't have access to Netflix or Amazon.  For several weeks, I have been trying to find a new internet provider that is NOT Comcast.  In my town, Frontier and Comcast are the 2 cable providers, but Frontier has told me that I am not in their service area, or whatever phrase it is that means that Comcast has a monopoly on condos and apartments.

My question is:  How do I get internet coverage for $50 a month or less, that doesn't severely limit data usage so that I can email, go online, and stream movies a few times a week? How many mbps would I need (I don't really understand that term)?  I am the only user in my household and I am not into internet games.  I've avoided buying a smart phone, just have a regular flip phone. If I got a smart phone and a tablet, would that combo give me the internet access I am seeking? Apologies for not being tech savvy; I don't know all the terms.  And thank you.

DSL from the phone company is going to be your only other option. I can't recommend satellite.

Comcast is EVIL.
  Cell phone data service is NOT meant to replace home internet.  You would reach your limit in a few days.
   You can ask Netflix what speeds are recommended for various quality of TV streams.  SD is probably 1Mbps,  HD 3 or 4Mbps.

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