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Low Cost Internet?? Options?
(01-05-2018, 08:04 PM)jzorn Wrote: Hi,
Just cut the cord last month using a Tablo 4 tuner and Playstation Vue (second tier plan I think called Core? at $44 a month)  All working pretty good and other than the interface being not as easy as cable pretty happy. 

My question relates to other ways to save money.  Sure cutting the cable at two locations is a major savings but since Internet is no longer bundled the price of course went up.  We are using Charter (Spectrum) and now at 100mbs (I lowered from 200mbs) and it is $65 a month with no wireless router as I have my own.

WOW offers plans starting at like $30 a month for a year and Fios (Frontier) is like $44 for one year for 100mbs plus about $100 in one time fees.  Also they have an $85 service call fee if any issues  (Spectrum does not charge any fees for service calls and customer service is pretty darn good via phone) (have had Time Warner and Brighthouse for years and no complaints other than cost.) 

I was reading in Cord Cutter News about a wireless service that is rolling out that offers 200mbs but is not in our area of course.  Also I guess I would be concerned about security with a "public" wireless service vs my local secure network.

Any suggestions out there on how to get internet at a lower cost that still gives good download and upload speeds for work etc.

Comcast and the phone company (DSL) are the only 2 options here.
DSL is too slow and Comcast is the only realistic internet option here.
Comcast knows this, and they know who is a cord-cutter so the price for internet service only is priced twice as high as it normally would be when bundled.
Twice as much? Really??

Comcast is EVIL.

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