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Xbox One, Kodi, Sling, NAS = No more cable?
(01-01-2018, 09:01 PM)Lovamelin Wrote: My current setup is that I have an iMac that acts as a media server and can play files from my NAS as well as allow the files to be played by other devices in my home. I also have a cable plan utilizing X1 from Xfinity. I hate to admit it, but X1 is a really great user experience and taps into a massive amount of on-demand items. I never thought I'd ever say that about a cable UI. That said, we all like to save money and I recently heard about Kodi being available for Xbox One. In some of the articles, I've read people talk about using this as a media center setup. Has anyone done this by utilizing Kodi and services like Sling? Is this a pretty seamless option where I just turn the TV on and then choose the Sling app to watch live TV and then switch to Kodi or something else to watch files from my NAS? My goal here would be to not only save money on a monthly basis by canceling cable but also eliminating my iMac, old Xbox 360, and cable box/DVR and replace it all with one device, an Xbox One X. From what I've read this all sounds possible and worthwhile but I've come to learn that theory vs practice can be different so I just want to hear from others who may have done something similar that my assumptions are accurate and that my new setup will work as I hope it will. Thanks for the advice and help!

I use a Shield TV with Kodi installed, there is some setup to the process, you have to "point" Kodi to the NAS so it can see the files you have there, then you can either browse by folder structure (my preferred method) or get a plugin for Kodi that does like what Plex does where it scans all your file names and compares them to an online database and creates a "tile" layout of content with downloaded "box art" (so basically you browse like you are looking at the albums in itunes or windows media player), I don't use this method because to many of my files don't get recognized properly and it's not worth the hassle to me.

In short, YES what you want to do IS possible, just takes a little setting up.

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