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SelectTV - Any way to view but NOT have to CAST?
SelectTV pretty much just gathers all the free internet TV into one place but I like the layout and would like to view it sometimes but don't want to have to "Cast" it from a
PC or such. Anyone know a way to access it directly on a TV. Android Box? Wish they had a ROKU channel like PlutoTV or such... Thanx.   R.
looks super shady to me, you can't even get the android app from Google Play you have to direct download it, your best bet if you want to try it is to sideload the Android APK onto an Android Box or MAYBE a Fire TV (if you know how to do that and have something you can do that with).

personally I would run, that thing looks like it want you to pay them to give them all your account passwords so they can put all your stuff in 1 app.

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