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Car stickers or Car wraps: Which vehicle graphics are better?
While using any vehicle as a way to promote your brand or express your persona, usually there are two main options that come to mind at first. These are car wraps and car stickers. But the main confusion is which one to choose? Before getting to any conclusion, you must be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

  • Car Stickers- They are designed in a way that they give a personalized touch to your vehicle with some unique designs such as logos, flames, Pinstriping for cars etc. the prices of these stickers vary from very low to high as per the quality and size. Though they are very simple to apply or use you can take the help of custom car decal maker to get the professional finishing.
  • Car Wraps- they are designed to cover a large portion of the vehicle. They can be used by the sports car owners to give a sporty look to their vehicle. But the car wraps are widely used for advertising purposes. This way of advertising is more appealing and affecting too. It can be used on buses, vans, planes, cars etc.
Custom car vinyl decals are very easy to use and they do not cause any harm to the vehicle. It is quite tough to choose between car stickers and car wraps. It may somehow depend on the need of the advertiser.
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